Talking Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer | Unboxing, Test

Talking Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer | Unboxing, Test

Best Talking Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer for 2017 | Unboxing, Test


This thing talks to you, lights up with that blue tooth blue color, long probe, about 8 seconds accuracy.

The talking part seemed gimmicky by first looks but when probing both side of the turkey with the smoker door open, in between 2 racks, bending the knees, dark outside, precipitation, cold, juggling 8 things at once. The screen at the angle it was at was not easy to read so listening to the temperature with the Fahrenheit or Celsius call out with the female voice.   It came in handy.

The digital read out turns off when the probe closes shut.

YouTube Video:


At Amazon:

0:13 DeftGet Instant Read Talking Meat Thermometer

0:26 Carry Pouch

0:44 Bottle / Can Opener

1:16 (2) AAA Batteries (not included)

1:37 Blue Backlight

1:41 Talking female Voice announces the temp

2:21 Timed ice water test from room temp to ~32F° (0C°)

3:24 0:44 Bottle / Can Opening

3:47 where to insert a meat thermometer In a smoked turkey?  Place meat thermometer probe in the turkey breast.  165 °F, 74 °C USDA minimum for poultry.

3:57 Turkey Temp Timed Test.  The call out is nice for being in hard to read positions.

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