Chicken Drumsticks Smoked- How To Recipe Brown Sugar Rub | 09.16

Chicken Drumsticks Smoked- How To Recipe Brown Sugar Rub | 09.16

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Chicken Drumsticks Smoked- How To Recipe Brown Sugar Rub | BBQ Love 09.16

6 pounds of chicken drumsticks
About 2 oz’s of your favorite brown sugar rub
Prep time: about 15 minutes
Cook time about 1.5 hours

Layout your thawed drumsticks, shake on your rub or seasoning onto the drummers. Let the rub adhere to the chicken.
Get the smoker up to 275F- 300F. This temperature seems to be best for poultry. Lower temperatures like 225F-250F that is usually best for briskets and pork.  250F seems to make the poultry skin a bit tough like leather.

Smoke the chicken drumsticks the entire time. You can over smoke meat.  How long do you smoke chicken drummers?  At about 1.5 hours of total cooking/smoke time you are fine for your chicken drumsticks.

Here is a propane gas vertical water smoker.
Add dry (not wet) hickory and apple wood chunks. Chunks last longer than chips. Wet wood has been debunked. It takes energy to turn the moisture into steam. You want to see a light blue smoke coming from the smoker. Not a heavy white smoke.

A smoker Mod tip is to use pans of play sand in your smoker. The play sand acts as a thermal mass. This is basically the same principle as a stone deck in a pizza oven. It takes time and energy to heat up. This will help regulate and keep the temperature steady in the smoker. Therefore it is particularly useful for when it is cold and windy. When you are passionate with the BBQ Love you want to BBQ all year round and this will help. There is nothing more stressful than your meat taking too long, and getting unevenly cooked or even dried out.

Add Water to the water/ drip pan.
Always use a thermometer in your meat. Temperature tells you when it is done. The time may vary based on a number of variables. Weight of meat, surface area of meat in the smoker, outside air temperature, wind, etc.
Chicken (poultry) is done with an internal temperature of 165F (74C). This will take about 1.5 hours.

Cover the Smoked Chicken Drummers (legs) with a foil tent right after cooking for about 15 minutes before serving. This will help distribute the juices evenly in the meat and make it more enjoyable.

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Chicken drumsticks raw, ready to be rubbed w brown sugar rub. Top down view on wood cutting board. Chicken Drumstick top down raw chicken full board. Chicken drumsticks sprinkle dry rub. Isometric view Brown sugar rub in a glass dish with wood spoon on a wood table. Isometric View  Chicken Drumstick topdown adding brown sugar dry rub full wooden board. Chicken Drumstick topdown adding brown sugar dry rub full wooden board 3/4 rubbed. Using bread pans of play sand with foil covering. Play sand acts as a thermal mass. Front view of vertical water smoker. Fire Add dry (not wet) Apple & Hickory wood chunks on the cast iron pan in the vertical water smoker. Adding water to the water pan/ drip pan in the vertical water smoker. Front View Light blue smoke rolling from the vertical water smoker is ideal Hickory and Apple Wood Chunks smoldering light blue smoke in the cast iron wood chip pan. Small ember flame. Vertical Water Smoker Front View Chicken drumsticks pre heat vertical water smoker to 275F for most poultry. Front view with water pan, smoke coming out. Chicken Drumstick with brown sugar rub put in a vertical water smoker smoker. Up close view. brownsugar Chicken drumsticks put on vertical water smoker full. Front View Chicken drumstick put on vertical water smoker. Probe chicken with remote thermometer. Up close view Chicken drumsticks remote thermometer reading done 167F. Smoker temp is 289F. Alarm set to 250F low and 300F high. Chicken drumstick done on smoker full. Front view. Smoked chicken drumsticks (legs). Vertical water smoker Chicken Drumstick Brown Sugar Rub close up view coming out of the vertical water propane smoker. Chicken drumstick horizontal done cutting board. 18 Drumsticks laid out on cutting board. 2 rows of 9. Let smoked chicken drummers sit under a foil tent for about 15 minutes after cook. Isometric view. On wood cutting board. chicken drumstick done isometric view on wood round plate laid out 2 chicken drumstick done isometricview on wood round plate Chicken drumstick individual done. Close up angle. On a wood cutting board. Chicken Drumsticks How To Recipe. Brown Sugar Rub, Bite Front view up close on wood cutting board

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