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Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork Butt Brown Sugar Bourbon Seasoning in a Masterbuilt Vertical Smoker

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Here is another way on how to smoke a pork butt to get bbq pulled pork.

00:07 Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork Butt Brown Sugar Bourbon Seasoning in a Masterbuilt Vertical Smoker

00:19 3 oz’s brown sugar rub

00:23 10 lbs. pork butt

02:40 Starting Smoker

02:44 THERMAL MASS insulate from wind and cold Play sand

02:52 dry (not wet) apple & hickory wood chunks

02:55 water/drip pan

02:57 light blue smoke

03:01 Boston butt is another name for a pork butt.  It’s really from the pigs shoulder

03:07 How long does it take to Cook a pulled pork butt?
12-20 HoursYour time may vary.
16 hours this cook

03:14 How Long to smoke a pork butt?
3-4 hours
Too much smoke
can make it bitter

03:20 What temperature to cook a pork butt?
outside air temp:
26 °F
-3 °C

03:26 What internal meat temp is pork butt safe to eat?
USDA Temp:

03:33 Target Meat temp for
BBQ Pulled pork:
91- 95°C
A.k.a. the pull temp

03:42 Meat Going in Smoker

04:02 Probing pork butt with remote meat thermometer

04:30 Pulling pork butt out of smoker

05:32 Pulling pork by hand

09:31 Cooker / Smoker used:
Masterbuilt Xl
Fuel used:
propane gas
Wood type used:
apple, hickory

09:38 Rub Used:
Grill Mates
Brown Sugar Bourbon Seasoning

09:44 Music:
Monks by Topher Mohr
and Alex Elena
Big Blues by Audionautix
is licensed under
a Creative Commons Attribution
license (
Busted by
John Deley
Bar Crawl by
JR Tundra

This Fat cap was facing down. Notice when pulling it off of the smoker the fat falls apart easier right when grabbing the meat. Juices will drip and it will fall apart in your hand.

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