Cutting Turkey Breast Against The Grain

Carving A Smoked Turkey Breast Against The Grain Using An Electric Knife Getting A Juicy Jiggle

Carve any poultry breast this way against the grain.  You could also use this method with chicken, duck, cornish hen, etc.  Here is a creole butter injected smoked turkey breast.

Cutting against the grain should get you a more tender piece of meat.  While using an electric knife we were able to get a Juicy jiggle wiggle action. 

YouTube Video


Seen in this video:

Electric knife 

Butter creole injection

Weber Honey Garlic Rub. Gluten Free

Masterbuilt XL Propane Smoker 

Redi check by Maverick ET-733 Remote thermometer 

Hickory Chunks 

Apple Wood Chunks 


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